Just A Little More Christmas Goodness

Sometimes with all the holiday hustle and bustle, with all the tree trimming and gathering of family, we can find ourselves so busy that there are a few simple things one still wants to do even though Christmas day in all its beauty and loviness has passed. There are friends we wanted to sit down to tea with, neighbors we hoped to take a beautifully wrapped plate of home-made goodness, and projects we tried ever so hard to finish. Shortly after Christmas yet before the holiday tinsel was taken down, Naomi gathered a few friends for just that. A time to stop and gather to enjoy the season for just a little bit more.


Naomi fixed a lovely meal from Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson.


We gathered around to visit as she put together the last details of the meal in the kitchen she and her husband Tom  are remodeling in their own home. (I will show more details of their remodel soon.)



She made Cauliflower Soup with aged Cheddar cheese and Dijon-style mustard, topping it with croutons freshly made from a loaf of Tartine sourdough bread I had made her a few days back.


Naomi also served Miso-Curry Delicata Squash.


Here is Monica doing the final toss. The vegis and tofu were first roasted with white miso and red Thai curry paste. Then kale, cilantro and pepitas were gently stirred in.


At the end of the meal, Naomi appologized for not having made a dessert. We all agreed, though, that the menu for the evening was so satisfying and full of flavors that a sweet treat, especially after the holidays was completely unnecessary.


These books are becoming the go-to cookbooks for all of us at Warmth Company. Each recipe, has been a great success, and between all of us girls, many recipes have been tested. Naomi said the most difficult thing about this evenings recipes was gathering the interesting ingredients, but slowly our pantries are becoming stocked with these healthy and new-to-us ingredients.

Do you have a favorite cookbook? Is there a particular chef whose recipes your family loves? We’d love to hear what is inspiring your healthy-cooking for this New Year.



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