A new book at Warmth Company – Nomad by Sibella Court


Stacks of beautiful new books have arrived at Warmth Company. Today I will give you a sneak peak at one of our favorites, Nomad by Sibella Court. And if you quite enjoy this little book review, I might be tempted to show you another in the not too distant future!


Sibella Court has an amazing eye for beauty and a heart of wanderlust. In her tabletop book, Nomad, she presents us with photographs she and her brother, Chris Court, took while traveling through Japan, Italy, India, Syria and Mexico. Along the way we see glimpses into how Sibella incorporates the sites of each country into her home.


Each page overflows with artful pictures of rare finds and simple treasures.

IMG_0508b Recollections from each travel story are thoughtfully intertwined.


Insightful words of creative-wisdom illustrate how she incorporates a tiny piece from a world far away into her own home, and how we might do the same. In our own way, of course.

IMG_0512bThe book is sprinked throughout with many practical hints to help us create our space, even if one is not a world traveler. She suggests choosing a 10-color palette as a framework for decorating our homes. 

 IMG_0500b She encourages us to take notice of the surrounding colors in our travels, whether it’s an old doorknob, a piece of weathered wood or a flower, and bring those colors into our home as a way of remembering our travels. How many times have we peeked our heads into a typical souvenier shop hoping to find a little something to carry home to remind us of our adventure and found only silly trinkets? In Nomad we are given the idea of bringing home a color scheme, texture or shape, and creating the feel of that particular place.

IMG_0506bShe shows a modernized platerack with ceramics from Amaalfi Coast mixed with beachcombing finds, and a tangle of metal vines to remind her of the creeping monstera in Positano. 

IMG_0503bShe gathers the muted neutrals of a Syrian desert, the faded dusty colors of India, and the brightly colored palette of Mexico. 


I think you will love this book. Even if one is not a world traveler, Nomad will still be greatly enjoyed. We will find ourselves a little more inspired to see the world around us and bring warm snippets of its beauties into our homes. And it might just make us want to take a little trip of our own.

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