The quilts of Homely House Farms at Warmth Company


IMG 5455b

Thank you to all who stopped by for Friday’s Artist Reception!

IMG 5454b
The shop was brimming with Monica’s quilts. 

IMG 5456b

More than thirty-five homemade treasures were draped and stacked and billowing around the shop,

IMG 5449b

along with bags and aprons from Homely House Farm.


IMG 5444b
Monica’s son Nicholas played guitar throughout the evening. A great Mother’s Day gift, indeed.


IMG 5403b

Friends and family gathered around. This is Monica and Naomi’s sweet niece and her friends. It was a cozy evening, Everyone felt right at home.


IMG 5460b

Here are a few of the husbands that came. The one without the hat is Monica’s husband, Bob.


IMG 5411b

The food was amazing. All the recipes were prepared by Monica and Naomi from cookbooks carried at Warmth Company. Details will soon be shared about where each recipe can be found!

IMG 5418b

Monica brought vintage dessert plates from home to serve the treats.

 IMG 5441b

And Naomi gave her sister flowers for the special occasion.

IMG 5463c

Although all enjoyed the beauty of the quilts, no one quite appreciates their beauty like this little guy, Monica’s grandson. She calls him ‘her lover of beauty’ for he lights up when he sees them and touches them, and just look at that face. It says it all.

IMG 5359b 

 If you have not had a chance to make it in, the quilts of Homely House Farm will remain in the shop through Thursday.

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