Artist Reception Recipes


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Several have inquired about the recipes from our recent artist reception at Warmth Company. We wanted to share with you which book each dish is from so you, too, can make these up for your families, or for a special event of your own this summer.

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Many of the evening’s recipes were from Heidi Swanson’s cookbooks. Her books are a Warmth Company favorite. Heidi, a San Francisco dweller, photographer and world traveler, recently won the James Beard award in the category of Focus on Health.

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This egg sandwich spread is made with plain yogurt, chives and garlic rather than using the traditional mayonaise for a healthier twist on a classic. (pg 60 Super Natural Every Day)


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This Rye Soda Bread has just a few simple ingredients and is effortless to put together. (pg 96 Super Natural Every Day)

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These Little Quinoa Patties were a savory, protein rich hit! (pg 121 Super Natural Every Day)

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Oatcakes are a hearty breakfast for mornings on the go. Just grab a cup of coffee, and you are off to a good start.
(pg 204 Super Natural Every Day)

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Espresso Banana Muffins are made from whole-wheat flour, yogurt, bananas and fine espresso powder. (pg 38 Super Natural Cooking)

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Giada has a great new cookbook out. The recipes have plenty of fresh, healthful ingredients with nearly every recipe having a picture to inspire.

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 These Apricot Oat Bars were divine. (pg 225 Weeknights with Giada)

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