Beach House Design Project

 I recently followed along as Naomi Branagan and Sydney Mackey worked their design magic.


After sending away their excited clients, the trucks pulled in and began to unload.


Naomi began to unload her car overflowing with finishing touches.


There is such an excitement as they begin to pull together all the things they have spent many hours putting together for their client.


Naomi and Sydney directed the arranging of each new piece of furniture as it carried off the trucks.


Before the grand day at hand, Naomi had managed the painting and carpeting and editing of each room making it so that the beach house was ready to be set up.

Todays job had 2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining area with a large table. and a dining nook just off the kitchen.


This couch was chosen both for its beauty and its practicality. Many children and grandchildren and cousins and friends can be seen going from the beach to their home and back again. This rug was a particular favorite of the clients, giving our designers a starting point for the main living area.


These chairs for the smaller dining nook were carefully chosen to match the accent color in the favorite rug.


Sydney and Naomi worked closely together on all the details, everything from the furniture selection and the choosing of accessories in their design office at Warmth Company, to the arranging of pictures and the holding of ladders at the job site.

IMG 5730

The main dining area was brought in and artfully arranged. Window treatments are waiting to be installed.

IMG 5689-2

A sunny nook is just off the kitchen. Bar stools were placed, and a comfortable table and chair set arranged for the playing of cards by young and old alike.


Beds were built,


then beautifully made,


with Bella Notte linens and throws and pillows and comforters from Warmth Company. The headboard was custom made for this lovely bedroom. It is the attention to detail, like the perfect mossy hue of these lamp shades, that brings it all together.




At the end of the day, it was all smiles as our clients ventured back into their transformed beach house. It is a home that is beautiful and cozy and practical. It is a home that reflects the personality and life of those who dwell there summer after summer. It is a home that has been touched by the creative ideas of Naomi and Sydney and Warmth Company.

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