A Warmth Company Shopping Spree

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Today we ventured again into the not so very far away city of San Francisco.

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Our first stop was at one of the classic old hotels in downtown SF where we looked at Fall clothing and jewelry lines to carry at Warmth Company. After looking at some new lines to bring to Aptos we made our way to Prairie Underground.


IMG 6886b
Here is Naomi trying on a Prairie Underground sweatshirt.

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 As many of you know we are going to Paris in August, so a little extra hunting for stylish and Paris-worthy clothing has lately been in the works. The challenge of finding such clothing has led to many conversations between Monica and Naomi on the topic of how difficult it is to find clothing that is flattering to those of us no longer in our teens. How many times have we seen dresses and shirts hanging beautifully on display, only to try them on and wonder what in the heck happened between the hanger and the dressing room. Being the camera-girl, I tend to sit back and watch people, and I think I might have a little bit of an idea as to one of the reasons for the hanger-to-the-dressingroom dilemma. I noticed that many of the buyers purchasing for their shops, sat down, while a rep pulled out each shirt or jacket or dress to show each to the prospective buyer. I noticed that the other shop owners did not try on the clothing, but made their purchases based on how it looked on the hanger. Today, and every other purchasing day, Monica and Naomi try each item on to get a real idea of how each would look on a real person. I think this is one of the reasons why the clothing at Warmth Company has been so successfull, flying out the door nearly as soon as we get it on the floor. It is purchased with our real customers in mind.

We can’t wait for their new colors and styles to arrive in the shop. We think you are going to love them.


IMG 6904
Naomi and Monica chose new Virgin Saints and Angels Jewelry and arranged to have a Trunk Show in October!


IMG 6905

Here is their lovely rep. She was adorably clad in a simple t-shirt, jeans and beautiful pieces of Virgin Saints and Angels. And, yes, the Pioneer Woman was wearing a VSA piece on her recent airing of a foodnetwork show! Did anyone else see Rhee’s necklace and wonder and search for images to no avail?

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These old San Francisco buildings with vintage wallpaper and woodwork are so gorgeous that we couldn’t resist a mini photo shoot with one of Monica’s newly finished quilts.

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IMG 6894


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We tried on sunglasses for Paris.

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And are on the hunt for comfortable yet stylish shoes for walking on the cobblestones of Europe….

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We ended the day with one last picture of a Homely House Farm quilt in the beautiful city. We were home in time to make dinner for our families!


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