We Love Waxing Poetic

fav waxing poetic

Almost all of our Warmth Company customers know and love Waxing Poetic’s keepsake jewelry. We love Waxing Poetic for their thoughtful, heartfelt and meaningful charms. We want you to know that they regularly come out with new styles and the latest we especially loved! There is a new maritime collection that Monica, the preppy twin, loves. Naomi and Kelly, the bohemians in the group, love the bird. Jenny is simple and classy and loves the big brass ball bracelet. Christine likes to give the new heart shaped charm as a thoughtful gift. Whatever kind of girl you are, there is a charm you can love and give!

seed packet

Another new collection is The Perennial. Three sweet charms come in a seed packet for $29.00, and represent a virtue like Grace, or a Good Wish.

If you take the time to read them you will be delighted and encouraged by what they say!

Aptos Location: 140 Post Office Drive, Aptos Village, CA 95003 (831) 688-3200
The Point Location: 1003 41st Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 515-2704
Regular hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5:30pm; Sunday 11am - 5pm