We are going to Paris and we want you to join us!

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  In just a few more weeks, we are going to Paris.  We want YOU to join us! 

 We will be blogging along the way and posting pictures throughout our trip on instagram (warmthcompany) and facebook for you to come along with us.

Several Warmth Company ladies have journeyed to Paris themselves. Kelly recently returned from a trip to Paris with a few great finds and tales of great fun. Dani and Sydney, each being very familiar with Paris, have given great advice, like where the best flea markets can be found. Many of our customers have filled us in as to their favorite Parisian bakeries and cafes.  We don’t really have a packed itinerary.  Naomi, having spent much time studying city guides, has a good idea of the area, so a leisurely wandering of the streets of Paris is the simple plan for each day. Being the first trip of such magnitude for all of us ladies, keeping it simple to avoid being overwhelmed is a good idea.

 In preparation for our lovely trip, a goodly amount of books have been taken in.

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We read Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. It is filled with sketches of his Paris in the Twenties. A Paris where many American artists, writers and musicians traveled for inspiration. It tells of living in Paris with its fishermen along the Seine, and its streets filled with casual cafes. Hemingway considers his short time living in Paris with his wife and young child the best time of his life.

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” Ernest Hemingway to a friend, 1950

We wonder how it will change us. How will it stay with us wherever we go thereafter? Will the food shape the way we cook? Will the artisan breads of Paris be the motivation for us to learn even more of baking with sourdough and freshly ground grains? Will the breathtaking beauty around us spill over into our homes upon our return?  Will the oldness of the city leave us to feel we are a small part of the grand scheme of things? Will the beauty of the ‘City of Lights’ fill us with a wonder that impacts how we see the world around us forevermore? Will we find a color palate or texture that speaks to us? Will Naomi have a renewed passion to delve into oil painting? What shapes and colors will be reflected in Monica’s quilts upon her return? What story will be found to tell with pictures?

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Another book both Naomi and Monica have read is Kathryn Ireland’s Summers in France. We have it here at Warmth Company. Kathryn grew up in Europe, and although living and working in the States, she wanted to give her three boys their own childhood memories of Europe, so she and her husband bought a farm house in France to spend their summers as a family. Summers In France is filled with beautiful photography and great decorating ideas. It is clear upon the reading of this gorgeous book that she was not left untouched by her summers in France. The impact can be seen in her style and fabrics and colors and beauty. How will being in Paris impact Naomi’s interior design and interior decorating? How will it enrich the home-goodness Naomi and Monica bring into the store?

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Sibella Court, the author of Nomad, also here at Warmth Company, is a globetrotting interior stylist. You can see more of her book in a past blog post here. A rich depth and beauty resonates from her work that surely has been influenced by her wanderlust.


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Our goal in traveling the streets of Paris is simply to broaden our creative souls. And we hope that you, too, will be inspired in your own creative endeavors. Follow along with us. Maybe you will be inspired to go somewhere outrageous. Maybe you will see a color or texture you want to bring in to your home. Or maybe you will bake a loaf of french bread, savoring its goodness over a glass of wine with a loved one.


Come to Paris with us, friend!

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