Our First Day in Paris

day 1 1

Our trip to Paris begins.

day 1 2

Here we are arriving at our apartment.

day 1 3

It is beautiful. It is surreal.

day 1 18

After settling in and marveling at the unbelievable view from our balcony,

day 1 5

We found a lovely cafe in the neighborhood. We had our first Parisian wine.

day 1 8

We were told house wine is best, so that is what we ordered. The bread here comes sliced in buckets or baskets. Sometimes it is all the same type of bread. Sometimes a variety is given.

day 1 6

After being on the airplane, it felt good to eat some healthy food. Naomi tried a salad with an egg, raw ham, and a toast with goat cheese. We discovered that raw ham is simply proscuitto. It was unbelievable.

day 1 7b

Monica had a Oceane Salad with salmon and shrimp.

 IMG 8136b

I had a Italian salad with fresh mozzerella, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and grilled tomatoes,

day 1 12

After dinner, we wandered the cobblestone streets of Paris, still a little in shock that we are actually here.

day 1 13

day 1 14

It is serene and beautiful. The month of August is holiday for many Parisans, so it is more quiet here than it usually is.

day 1 15

The restaurant owners stand outside their businesses talking with their fellow restaurant owners across the way.

day 1 16

Each cafe is beautiful.

day 1 17

Today we woke up on the sandy beaches of California, and ended our day on the cobblestone streets of Paris. Simply amazing. Stunningly beautiful.

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