Paris – Day five

 IMG 8790b

Today we took the Metro to the Louvre station and walked across a bridge that delighted us.

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The railings of this particular bridge was covered in locks that lovers had engraved to memorialize of their love for one another.. We did not know anything about it or how the tradition started. It was a fun surprise to stumble upon in our day’s journey.

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While walking slowly across, a couple in their wedding clothes, were putting a lock on the bridge. I wish them God’s blessing on their many years together. We loved getting this photo. It bought more meaning and beauty to the bridge of locks. We enjoy the human moments of our travels. We enjoy getting glimpses at the story.

We arrived at the museum d’Orsay and were excited to see the works of Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Mary Cassatt, Millet, Lautrec, Gauguin, Degas, and more. My favorite was Marie Laurencin. I loved her soft pastels of pinks and blues, and they way her eyes stand out. All of her paintings are like pretty fairy tales. I loved them. Pretty makes me happy every time. The D’ Orsay is in the old train station, which is brilliant. It has just gone through a renovation. I did not like the dark plum background with low lighting for the beautiful impressionist works of art. To me, it did not fit the happy mood of the paintings!


IMG 8815
This is our view of the Louvre from the museum d’Orsay.

I especially loved the next museum, the l’Orangerie, because the walls were all white, allowing the art to stand out more. Monet’s Water Lilies were breath taking, and the display was perfect. There were a lot of people in each room, but we were still able to enjoy it because there is no way you can not. We were amazed at how Monet created the garden at his home, then painted it. It looked just like his garden that we had seen the day prior. He was also ahead of his time in showing how light changes everything.

IMG 8822 b

Here is a picture of Naomi just outside the l’Orangerie just prior to being asked to not sit on the ledge.


IMG 8828b

Another hugely fun surprise was discovering an absolutely fantastic exhibit by a photographer named AHAE. This inspired and talented man spent two years photographing out his one single window at an irrigation pond in Korea. He took over 2 million pictures in 3 years. That comes to around 2000 pictures a day. The exhibit was “so simple, so beautiful and so perfect”. You just have to go on his website and read about him. It will be worth every minute. You will understand his vision and passion. This exhibit could be life changing. It shows how every moment of the day is a story of life and beauty.

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We took a few cafe breaks along the way.

After all this stimulation, we decided to cross the river and walk back through the Latin quarter, which might have been a mistake as we were already tired and hungry. We were trying to find a store we had seen in a book on Paris, with beautiful ceramics by Nathelie Lete. To our great disappointment it was closed when we arrived

. IMG 8845b

We found another shop not too far away that had some of the things we wanted to see, but not all.

IMG 8838b

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Quite a lovely shop that we are glad we found. We returned on another day for Naomi to bring home a few espresso cups from Paris.

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I did get a dream come true in seeing Isabel Murant’s store and buying a top and shoes. She is a designer that I have come to love. Sweet pea, who owns Boy Girl Boy in Carmel carries her line.

Back near our apartment, we ate a yummy Italian dinner, stumbled home, and flopped into bed.

Bonne Nuit.

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