Paris – Day Four


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We started out our day in the neighborhood farmer’s market

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filled with the kindest people we had met so far.

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We met a sweet couple from Berkley who have been here for several months. Our conversation started because I told the professor, Willis, how beautiful his wife was! She is a writer of Chinese art history, and he is a distinguished professor emeritus. We had fun talking with someone who was also from California who loved CP Shades and good food! They told us of one of their favorite places to eat here in Paris. After three days of walking, our feet humbled us to the point that we decided on a bus tour to Giverny to see Monet’s house and gardens.

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We enjoyed getting out of the crowded, tourist filled city to see the open countryside of France.

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,We decided, beyond a shadow of doubt that we love old windows with crumbling houses, painted with the faded pinks or greens surrounded by pretty fields and charming gardens, to the huge buildings and formal promenades of the big city.

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This is Monet’s house with his beautiful garden in front. The house is painted a soft pink with green trim. The rooms inside were each painted different bright colors. One was bright yellow so it would appear that the sun was shining even on the many foggy days in the French countryside.

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We consider Monet’s garden to be the height of what’s romantic.

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The flowers made Monica look forward to her move back to her Corralitos gardens.

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Tina brought seeds from Monet’s garden back home for a dear friend who loves to garden and remembers to water it unlike herself.

IMG 8717b

Naomi was inspired by the mix of colors and plans on adding variety to her garden at home.

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All of our lives, we have enjoyed and appreciated the art of Claude Monet and to see the place where he painted, moved me to tears.

IMG 8676b copy

These are his waterlilies. Don’t they look just like his pictures?

IMG 8695b

Remember the boat in many of his paintings? Everything was even more beautiful than I imagined.

IMG 8702b

We were inspired by Claude Monet’s use of color and still have them dancing in our heads. There was no restraint and it was glorious. Here was a man who had to work long and hard to create his image of beauty in the soil, and then paint that image in his art. Again, it was inspirational. Naomi was in awe with Monet’s ability to create the space he wanted to paint in. She also loved the contrast of colors in his garden.

Back in the Latin quarter we found a restaurant that Heidi Swanson of Super Natural Everyday and our new California friends from the farmer’s market had recommended. Jardin Des Pates 4, Rue Lacepede was said to be even more Californian than California. And it was, indeed. We appreciated a tasty meal of different flavor combinations that left us feeling healthy and refreshed. We had two appetizers.

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The first was a halved Avocado with a scoop of cantaloupe sorbet. The second was a mini salad of julienned cucumber with a yogurt mint dressing. Monica had an omelet with sautéed veggies. Naomi chose rice noodles with ginger and tofu, a meal similar to one she makes at home for her and her husband. Tina had homemade whole wheat pasta with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, mint and parsley, a dish she plans on replicating upon her return home


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