Paris – Day six


IMG 8886b

Off to the streets of Paris again….


IMG 8850b
We started off our day with apple filled croissants,


IMG 8859b

and iced espresso.

IMG 8865-3b

We found the Eric Kayser bakery, and snapped a few pictures before being told not to. Oops. 

IMG 8866-2b

Their bread is the best we have had, and infact many of the good restaurants serve it. You can see people walking with bags filled with their evening loaf, produce and a bottle of wine. How wonderful to be able to walk to the neighborhood bakery and pick up a loaf every day.

IMG 8872b

Naomi was a bit disappointed to find herself in the fabric district with all the best fabric designers, and find all of them being closed due to being on the Parisian traditional August holiday.

IMG 8884b

This was a artful shop with the nicest people. They specialize in handcrafted, unique items such as toys, ties, music, and jewelry. Naomi bought a pair of shoes; a modern take on a loafer in Warmth Company aqua blue. She can’t wait to show you.

IMG 8883b

Having met a lot of less than friendly folks, it was a pleasure to meet two absolutely welcoming and kind French. We decided it was a good people-day!


IMG 8892b

There was more of this.

IMG 8915b

In looking for a jewelry store and a wine bar, we accidently found the perfect cafe, La Salle a Manger. One can have the best laid plans, and it’s the little unplanned surprises that are the best.

IMG 8899b

Nothing is done in a hurry here, so there is plenty of time for people watching. These guys were doing a photo shoot. The model was walking unnaturally slow and quite dramatically. There was a meeting of a young man and girl who rode off on a vintage motorcycle. Another group of girls photographed one on a bicycle. It was a quiet little nook with just a few people, making it possible to take photos without tourists being in the shot.

IMG 8912b

It has been fun to take note of fashion while in Paris. Several walked by as we were people watching, but not wanting to intrude into their lovely moment, I just took a few quick shots from afar.

IMG 8905b

Another amazing Parisian salad with salmon, shrimp, endive and arugula. The bread was amazing. The perfect chewy sourdough bagette. The waitress told us they get their bread from Erik Kayser’s! We dropped by on the way home to pick up a loaf for morning.



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