Paris – Day Seven


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My Aunt Pat said Naomi and I must see the Gallery Layfette; its dome inside and its view from the top.

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I have found that often my expectations, which I do try to not have, are quite different from the actual experience. I was expecting a department store with things quite different from the States and it was really no different. Walking through it was like sardines in a tank, and especially hot. We asked a polite French girl where to find a good lunch and she sent us to one of her favorites just down the street at an out of the way spot . We find that this is what we prefer to the typical tourist gatherings. We had an excellent meal at Salad fux 14 L’ Epicerie in a little square off St Honre. We all have committed ourselves to going home and recreating the salad we enjoyed.


This is Tina’s with Naomi’s in the background. Mine was Arugula, cantaloupe, tomatoes, mozzarella and shaved parmesan on top of a thin sheet of prosciutto covering a pile of arugula. The bread was great, chewy and crusty like the loaves from Eric Kayser. Butter is never offered and olive oil is rarely served, though today it was in spray bottles at the table.

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Walking back down Rue du Marche Saint Honore we found the most amazing clothing store, 45rpm. What attracted me to this store was the quality of the clothes, the uniqueness, and the way it was so simply displayed. Some of the clothes had been freshly dyed, and were hanging to dry, each piece artfully placed. This Japanese clothing was so completely unique. I fell in a spell. It was one of the many things that made me want to go home and sew. I purchased a shirt because I would like to sew one like this someday. The little tags on the clothes look like mini handkerchiefs.

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They wrapped my purchased clothes in a beautiful gauze fabric, fashioning it into a bag shape for me to easily carry throughout the rest of the day’s journey.

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We were happy to get on an air conditioned-bus and rest a bit while journeying to visit Versailles at night. We thought this was a good idea because of the heat. When we arrived, there were just a few people, but after half an hour, we realized it was going to be another spectacular tourist event with Disneyland-like crowds. I am surprised that not one person, in sharing their thoughts and hints on Paris, ever mentioned the enormous Parisian crowds. We have found that there is not one main attraction that you do not find huge crowds.

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Versailles is historic, grand and epic in proportions.

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We saw the dance and music of days gone by.

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The gardens are more like promenades between fountains, not at all like the sweetness found at Giverney, which is a more to my liking.

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If ever I am to come back, it will be to discover the “Quiet Corners of Paris” a book we have on our table. I can’t say I regret going because of the crowds, the silly light show and the spectacle of it all, because I do feel impressed by the history that took place here. I think of it as a starting point.

It was 1:00 am and still hot as can be, so upon our return back to our apartment, we made crepes and drank wine. It is always fun to go over the day with friends. If you have family and friends you need nothing else

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