Our Last Day in Paris

IMG 9124b

On our last day in Paris, we thought we should get a better look at the Luxemburg Gardens, so we set off again with our most comfey shoes. We found after the first day, that comfort outweighed fashion, and resorted to wearing our tennies everywhere we went. We did see tourists in heals and marveled at it! Our goal was to find an Eric Kayser Bakery along the way and buy yummy sandwiches for a picnic at the Gardens. We thought this was the perfect Paris thing to do. It was incredibly hot, but we could not stay in with it being our last day and all.

IMG 9080b

On our way, we passed a Sunday farmer’s market.

IMG 9091b

There was music and dancing,


IMG 9075b

fresh fruits and vegis,

IMG 9071b

sellers of knives,


IMG 9074b

and a cafe serving breakfast in the center.

IMG 9106-2b

We passed by this little park area with places for sitting, wi-fi, and play structures for little ones. These flowers and plants look as if they are flowing from above.

IMG 9108b

They are actually individual potted plants.

IMG 9120-2b

After a few wrong turns, which happened quite often on our journeys through the cobblestone streets of Paris, we found our bakery, packed our sandwiches into our bags, and continued on to the park. We sat down in the first wonderful shady spot we found. Flowers were behind us, and trees hung over us. No sooner had we made ourselves cozy, than a police officer yelled, “No sitting on the grass!” Well, that is what we think he said, as it was all in French. We had to move where the crowds were huddled in every shady spot available. The only place one could sit in the vast French garden was on rows on grass situated between rows of trees. The gardens and palace were truely gorgeous, but we dared not leave the semi-cool of the shade to do much exploring.

IMG 9135-2b

The sun finally drove us back to our airconditioned apartment where we drank beer and napped a while. On Sunday afternoons, all of our neighborhood grocery stores closed so we had to make a humble meal of bread, little pickles, cheese, tomatoes, and of course, a nice bottle of white wine.

 IMG 9141b

Suddenly we were surprised by a knock on our door. A friend who happened to be in Paris figured out how to get to our gated, fifth story apartment and came in for a visit. It was a fun diversion of comparing notes and sharing stories of ones adventures with a neighbor.

IMG 9142-2b

At 9:00 pm, when it was at last cooling off, we went out into the Paris night life. What a scene it was. Everywhere people were strolling, picnicing with their blankets, wine and cheese, and dancing to bands on the cobblestone park. It was like the world’s largest party. But it all seemed natural and orderly and sweet. We walked to a boat with an upper deck and went on the ride of our lives – the perfect last night in Paris.

IMG 9143-2b

IMG 9146-2b

IMG 9151-2b

IMG 9165-2b

A ride down the Siene to see all of the beautiful buildings, bridges and landmarks, and the Eiffel Tower at night while on a boat was a truely perfect ending to our trip.


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