The Alameda

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Today Monica, Naomi, Jenny and Nicole ventured in the wee morning hours to the Alameda Flea to bring home some unique items to Warmth Company.

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Shortly after arriving on this cool morning, the sun began to rise as people flooded in, hoping to find their own one-of-a-kind treasures.


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Naomi found a handmade leather cuff from Bombshell Betty, a very talented artist. It reminds Naomi of her daddy,

alameda 10 7b-9

Monica found a vintage mannequin to display clothing and jewelry at the shop.


alameda 10 7a-4

Nicole, enjoyed looking through the many racks of vintage clothing, coming home with a perfect pair of high heels for the holidays. Here she is people watching, and guarding our pile of vintage finds. The Alameda is a great place to people-watch.

IMG 0272b

The beautiful frame with vintage wall paper is one of Jenny’s finds for the day. I liked how all the fabrics and textures and colors combined into one beautiful pile as we carefullly layered our goods on the cart.

IMG 0265b

Here we are having our morning coffee break. Good coffee and good food are always a high point of going to the Alameda. Even if you don’t buy anything else, the food trucks make your trip worth it!

 IMG 0252b

Here is Monica talking with Scott, a creative who designs original wall art with metal, lights, and repurposed wood. Once upon a time, not too long ago, his wife asked him to make one of these for her, and a business, art and passion was born.

alameda 10 7a-2

Each of his works tell a story. We like finding things for our shop and your home that have a story. This particular piece was made with wood taken from a house that was built in 1926. Scott personally signs each one.


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We can’t wait to show you these and other great pieces, Be sure to ask us what is new when you come in, or follow us on facebook for up-to-date photos of Warmth Company goodnessl

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