La Tartine Gourmande by Beatrice Peltre – Cookbook Review

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True confession. I bought this cookbook for a gift. I didn’t give it away. It sits happily on my kitchen counter. At first glance, all the beautiful food photography pulled me in, quite tempting me to keep it. Then I noticed that all the recipes seemed healthy with ingredients that were simply real food. Then, to my surprise, after further reading and perusing, I discovered that most of the recipes are gluten free, as the lovely author, Beatrice Peltre, was told to minimize her gluten intake by a doctor. The clincher? The recipes are inspired from her native France.. And you know that all we girls at Warmth Company are quite taken with all things French after our visit to Paris  this last summer.


 IMG 1874b

In the last few weeks, I have made several great recipes, including this vegetable dish for Christmas dinner. Zuchinni, bell pepper, tomato, fennel, and drained eggplant are thinly sliced, artfully arranged, and baked with olive oil and basil.

IMG 1954b

These muffins are made with quinoa and millet flours. It was my first attempt at such a thing. My kids and guests snatched them up!

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I made this asperagus, broccoli, celery root fritatta. I’ve switched it up a few times since.

IMG 1719b

One of my favorites so far is her Red Lentil and Carrot Soup.


IMG 1716-2b

 You can see my version of it HERE.


Surely no one will know that I had planned on giving La Tartine Courmande away. Only my guilty concience knew of such plans. And my guilt concious is guilty no more after all the healthy and inspiring food goodness that I found within.

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