Day Two at the LA Market

day 21 copy

Today is day two at the Los Angeles market. Monica and Naomi are finding great things for Warmth Company, like these new zipper bags,


day 211 copy

and new tunics…

day 22b

with beautiful new fabrics!

day 28

La Vie has a new color! Electric Blue!


day 29

Naomi tried on some fun hats.

day 27

They were excited to finally find Abby, from Brownish Button, after a year of her being lost to them.

day 26

They purchased a little something for themselves at the Cash and Carry before leaving for the day. Well, not a ‘little’ something. They are quite ginormous!

day 24 copy

Here they are at Yolk. It is always good to get out of Aptos, and do some retail investigation. Sometimes new lines are discovered. This is how Prairie Underground was found once upon a time!

day 25 copy

Monica and Naomi enjoy getting to talk to other shop owners. They listen to what is working for them, and what they are excited about.

day 210

And if you are following Naomi on Instagram, you have seen her evening’s end at Water Grill!




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