Day Three at the L.A. Market

day 32

Believe it or not, there was still much to do and see at Market today. This is the Roost showroom display with so many things we want to bring to Warmth Company!

day 33

Monica loved these little mice with hand knit tiny clothes. How cute is that?


day 34

The prints on these little dresses look as if they could be in one of Monica’s quilts she makes of vintage fabrics.


day 313 copy

These are the new Waxing Poetic initials.

day 314 copy

There is whole showroom of items that benefit causes. This whistle necklace comes in two sizes and four colors. Falling Whistles is devoted to helping fight violence in the Congo. Their motto is “Be a WhistleBlower for Peace”.

day 31 copy

The sale of these Spirithoods helps fight endangered animal species. Each one has a hidden animal inside, and a place for earphones.


day 36 copy

After our time at Market, we had fun shopping at the Grove, a great LA mall. It is kind of like an adult DisneyLand, a super fun place for people-watching.

day 35

Next to the Grove is an earthy shopping area with great street food. Our chicken sopes were delicious. This was a store with nothing but hot sauces. Where else but LA?

day 38 copy

This table color reminded Naomi of the hot new fashion color this season. The cool beers went well with our sopas.

day 310 copy

We loved this ice cream stall! Do you see the sign that says, “Have a banana split for lunch”?

day 311 copy

This store has nothing but adult onsies. It’s a new fashion trend!

day 312 copy

This is Indigo Seas, our very favorite store in all of LA. If you ever get a chance, you just have to check it out! You will love it, too.




Aptos Location: 140 Post Office Drive, Aptos Village, CA 95003 (831) 688-3200
The Point Location: 1003 41st Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 515-2704
Regular hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5:30pm; Sunday 11am - 5pm