One Last Day at Market


final 2

After getting settled in to Las Vegas, we were back to wandering through the many rooms filled with new and familiar lines like these fun pop cycle signs.

final 5 copy

They found some new art…

final 1

and returned to a favorite they always love to visit, Design Legacy.

final 10 copy

 These beautiful new Pine Cone HIll robe colors will be lovely for spring.

final 8

This is just one of the three buildings filled with furniture to go through.


final 7 copy


 Monica and Naomi are excited about some new-found furniture lines that will be at Warmth Company soon!

final 3

Naomi tried a lot of chairs, just like Goldilocks!


final 11 copy

They love this line, too.

final 6

Along the way, during their last several years of purchasing for Warmth Company, Monica and Naomi  have met many great people. They like to buy from people they like. For Monica and Naomi, it is all about the relationships!

final 4

After one last amazing meal and an elevator ride, it was time to pack it all up and head home and see where all the inspiration takes them.

final 13

And if you are following Naomi on Instagram, you saw how she and Tom made it home in the back of Monica and Bob’s car. With Sadie, of course.

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