Meatless – by Martha Stewart // a book review

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Meatless is a new cookbook filled with easy and delicious meals that your whole family will like. I recently brought this book home for review, and got straight to the work of trying recipes.

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I was in the mood for something different. With lots of boys in the house, I seem to be in the rut of cooking the basics, day after day. I wanted to stray off my familiar road of predictablness for at least a meal or two. The first one I tried was surprisingly good to all! Admittedly, we agreed that the list of ingredients seemed unlikely to make a happy dinner, but a happy meal it was, indeed. The sweet potatoes were baked until tender and soft, then topped with a splash of light coconut milk, toasted coconut flakes, cilantro, pomegranite seeds and a squeeze of lime. An unusual pairing of ingredients turned ordinary sweet potatioes into a sublime and healthy meal.

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 If you are cooking for a meat-loving person, don’t shy away from this book. It is easy enough to turn these vegetarian dishes into a meal that pleases all by simply adding in a protein or serving steak, chicken or fish on the side.  I made this pasta with roasted cauliflower and lemon zest, salty capers and fresh parsley, adding in sausage for the meat-eaters in the family, 

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And, did I mention how simple these recipes are? Similar to the Everyday Food series also from the kitchens of Martha Stewart, each recipe is made with simple ingredients, take only a few easy steps to prepare, and the great pictures for each make it a further time-saving cookbook, well worth the purchase.

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These are the best cookbooks for aspiring young cooks to practice their hand at making healthy meals. I love giving kids REAL cookbooks to learn the art of being creative in the kitchen. These summer rolls will be the next lunch prepared by my teenaged boy. We can’t wait to roll up thinly sliced vegis in rice papers, dip them in sauce, and give them a try!




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