…Moving on… Spring 2014

Naomi, Dany, our photographer Bethany & I headed to Sausalito on a beautiful November morning.

It was one of those rare, cloudless days when we crossed over the majestic Golden Gate

We were headed to CP Shades to order spring styles for 2014!

This may seem glamorous to all of you and don’t get me wrong, it is fun.

Although, deciding what you, our customers will like and the sizes and colors you will buy is daunting.

It breaks our hearts when we don’t have what you want!

What we ended up with is a natural theme of textures and patterns with a neutral color pallet.

We are always in awe that CP Shades has been in business since the 70’s and their ability to constantly recreate the classic styles with new fabrics and textures. It is only fitting that us “California Girls” should love a company that bases its business on “what you see is what you get, garment dyed, uncomplicated with soul.” Also, they only use 100% natural and sustainable fabrics.


We had to pack a lot into one day, so after enjoying a quick lunch at “FISH” (this restaurant came highly recommended for its sustainable organic fresh fish menu.)

Next stop CALA, a clothing show at Union Square in San Francisco.

This is another overwhelming project as all the “show rooms” are actually set up in hotel rooms,

small and cramped is an understatement.

It might seem like over kill to have four buyers but it does help eliminate items as we all must like what we choose.



Someday we might have to open up a clothing store as we can never buy all of what we love. Our store can only show and hold so much. EVERYTHING we sell is because we were wearing it and you said “Where can I get that?” Chan Lu scarves & jewelry is a perfect example.

We are sorry that they are pricey but they make us SO HAPPY!

In the end we were all feeling warm and happy to have a day out and about, to enjoy a different kind of work.

We are so fortunate to have talented employees and customers who appreciate our tastes. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!


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