A visit to our Aunt and Uncles home

Last year, on our way home from High Point furniture market, Naomi and I visited our Aunt and Uncle in Rock Hill, SC. monicas iphone pics 297I had to write about their home because it embodies everything I love in a home; comfort, wonderful memories, personal taste and good home cooked food.

Aunt Pat and Uncle Fitzs’ house is also all that I have ever wanted my home to be. Over the years there have been countless parties which included plenty of food, music and dancing. Everything in their home is from trips, inherited heirlooms or local stores or artists. Photographs of children and loved ones take up every square inch.


I hope the photographs I took say what can be hard to put into words

monicas iphone pics 332

The house is quite grand, yet down to earth.


Every morning my uncle brings my aunt breakfast in bed- always ½ a grapefruit, coffee and the morning newspaper.


I love the catholic calendar and the cross over the bed (not centered) and the patchwork of miss matching rugs.


The living room includes a painting my aunt bought with me,


a California landscape of golden hills, to remind her of her love of our state.


Also, a painting of her done in Mexico as a young woman and a pastel of her youngest son, created by a neighbor.


Art work that has meaning to the owners of the home gives it so much soul!


The kitchen, always has a tray of beautiful fresh fruit, a reminder of my grandmother who was born in Tahiti


and the refrigerator with photos of family going back 20 years.



I cannot remember my aunt not having fresh flowers in her home.

monicas iphone pics 304

Even when she stays with me, the first thing she does is cut fresh flowers from my garden and make an arrangement for my dining table.


Their house is very traditional but,

a Bella Notte pillow from Warmth Company adds a fun color in a serious space.

monicas iphone pics 322

 Here and there are beautiful pops of color!

 monicas iphone pics 305

A bit of fun makes this house easy to enjoy.

monicas iphone pics 319


My aunt really loves pottery.

monicas iphone pics 311

She finds just the right places all around her home to display her beautiful pieces.

monicas iphone pics 324


This Hawaiian quilt that hangs on the stair rail, holds great fondness for my family.

monicas iphone pics 317

My aunt and uncle met in Hawaii and have spent many wonderful vacations there.


My father’s photographs from his travels.

monicas iphone pics 325


This photo that greets you at the top of the stairs,

monicas iphone pics 313

my Aunt Pats mother and my grandmother, has so many loving thoughts wrapped up into it.


Last of all is my favorite, the little bathroom that never got painted and everyone started writing notes on the walls. It now acts as a time capsule of many days and people gone by.

monicas iphone pics 328

The ½ bath encapsulates what I want my customers to know, homes take time, courage to be yourself and spontaneity.

monicas iphone pics 330


I hope these photos encourage you all that you do not have to be up to date on all the current trends, just be yourself! The best homes are the ones that look like people are living a full and happy life in them.

In the future I plan to do more blogs about how to add soul to your home.

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