Gratitude: This Year’s Theme

Over the ten years of going to market Naomi and I have always chosen a word or a phrase as a reoccurring theme of the trip. Sayings like “Don’t freak out” and “stay calm and carry on,” but this year it was more like a thought or a feeling: Gratitude. Gratitude for our customers and gratitude for the wonderful venders who develop and sell their products. This year we really started to see how we are all in a symbiotic relationship. It is an act of faith every time we go to market. Faith that we will find new things to surprise and delight you and faith that our tried and true venders like Bella Notte will come out with exciting new products. Sometimes it’s hard to have faith, it is a human condition even though the world and its possibilities are infinite. Thankfully once again we were reminded to have faith!

IMG_3660It would take too much time to share all of our new venders and items so I will just be teasing you with a few. Studio Penny Lane fits in with the Gratitude theme with their expanded line of “Gratitude Jars.” Desiged to help us all live more “mindfully,” Studio Penny Lane has partnered with the penny as a symbol of Gratitude and mindful change. The penny reminds us that life is full of hope, it inspires gratitude and ignites abundance. By giving a penny to someone you know your gift inspires a grateful life, endless possibilities and a brighter tomorrow. Every item in their line comes with a penny attached. Naomi and I are privileged to be able to sell their products and watch you, our customers respond with joy as you choose your Gratitude Jar or other items within their line. So come in, it is with great pleasure that we will show you Studio Penny Lane. I also recommend that you go on their web site and read the owner Laurie’s story.

penny lane girls











Another company we love doing business with is Barefoot Dreams. From the very first moment we touched a Calypso Wrap sweater made from their Bamboo Chic Lite fabric it was all love and gratitude. We have had the most fun selling hundreds of sweaters to happy customers and get the best feeling from seeing you enjoying your purchases. The Calypso wrap looks great on almost everyone, comes in several pretty colors and is irresistible! We have continued to add more Barefoot Dreams items to our store as you keep wanting more. We have also found that you love to give Barefoot Dreams as much as you love it for yourself. My favorite new items are the lounge wear made from their Luxe Milk Jersey fabric, one is a caftan I put on the moment I get home. Barefoot Dreams has to be the softest, coziest throw ever which is why Naomi has to tell everyone about her love! We will continue to build our inventory of blankets, lounge wear, throws, ponchos, and hats. Barefoot Dreams as a company is all about family, which is why we connect with them so well. We are grateful that they make our homes warm and cozy, a place where everyone wants to be.











Pom Pom At Home is another wonderful company that we are grateful for. The owner, Hilde’s vision is that their products fill you with delight and bring you that little touch of luxury that makes life more pleasurable. Their linens are organic and made from the purest of Belgian flax fibers. Growing flax requires very little irrigation and no interference of harsh chemicals which does its part to keep the environment and atmosphere clean. Linen is completely biodegradable, fully recyclable, allergy free and long lasting. Hilde’s love of beautiful bedding is obvious as her line keeps growing and so does our love. This year she has come out with a cornflower blue collection, fun fur throws and some stunning grey linens. Please remember when you come in to look at our bedding, also what you see is a very small selection of all that is available.












We always look for items that have meaning, which is why we instantly connected with Sercy Studio. Sercy means “a little gift” in the south where the owner makes Blessing Beads in her garage! These crosses and hearts on wooden beads are both meaningful and pretty. They represent all that we are about, beautiful items that you will love for a long time.













Thank you to our customers who are a part of our story, who make us able to continue after ten years! If feels like you have become a part of our family, and we hope to treat you as such! When you come in, make yourself at home. Cozy up with a throw, get inspired by Studio Pennylane, refresh your bed with Pom Pom and find a meaningful gift from Sercy Studio. See you soon!



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